Artificial Grass

Artificial grass lawn installation across 
Hampshire & West Sussex

Create a lush, maintenance-free garden.

Artificial grass installation

Do you want a beautiful garden that doesn't include the effort and management required with a traditional lawn? Then an artificial grass installation could be the ideal solution for you.

We can create artificial lawns for all properties - you could be a homeowner who wants a maintenance-free garden solution or a business owner wanting to brighten up your interior. Artificial grass requires no maintenance, is long-lasting and looks great in any outdoor space.

Artificial grass can be an ideal solution for gardens, business premises, sports clubs, schools and educational institutions. Please call for more information.
Artificial grass installation

maintenance-free garden

Creating a maintenance-free garden

We can complete all work from planning and design through to completion:
  • Groundwork & preparation
  • Drainage
  • Access
  • Edge finish
  • Security and durability
Artificial grass can also handle wear and tear – ideal if you have children, pets or play sports and events. We can also incorporate artificial grass into our garden design work.

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